Servas International stay in private homes


Worldwide network of hosts, who open their doors and invite travellers to stay for 2 nights. The purpose of the organization is building world peace, goodwill and understanding. Non-profit NGO. If you are interested in meeting local people and exchanging views and ideas, Servas might be a good idea for you. (If you only need a place to sleep and are not interested in spending some time with your host, Servas is not for you).



Free app from App Store or Google Play. For Danish travellers.

Foreign travel advice, Danish travellers list, direct contact in case of epidemics, political crisis or natural disasters, contact information, etc.

Plug socket voltage by country


In most countries the mains supply is between 220 and 240 volts and types A and C are the most common. But in certain countries there is a variety of plugs in use and voltage differs from region to region. So check the socket before you plug in. Website link.

Tip: Your type C charger will often fit in the shaver sockets in hotel bathrooms.


Goodwill guides are groups of volunteer guides all over Japan, registered with Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO). They offer their local knowledge and will be able to provide tips and ideas about their area, better than any guide book can ever do. In return, they get to practice their language skills and promote international friendship and understanding. There is no fee for this, but you are expected to pay entrance fees and invite them, if you have a meal together.


If you are interested in building meaningful relationships while working on hands-on projects, the Volunteer World platform is a good place to start looking for an NGO. About 1500 projects are listed on this site within a wide range of causes, including many nenewable energy projects. 


Since 1985 it has been possible to get a summer job in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland or Iceland through the Nordjobb platform if you are between 18 and 30 years old and a citizen of any of the five Nordic Countries. Recently this has been extended to citizens from any EU country, as long as you are fluent in any of the Nordic languages.

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