A Little About Me...

I believe in recycling, and most of the following is from a concept quiz I was given a few years ago and gave quick answers to. As bizar as a few of the questions might be, I think they still end up giving a realistic impression of who I am.

Interests Travelling, Theatre, Ballet, Movies, Literature, Other Cultures, esp. Mali and Japan.
Favourite Music Depends on what mood I am in - or want to be in. In no particular order: The Cure, Geoffrey Oryema, Johnny Clegg, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Swan Lee, D.A.D, Big Country, Tracy Chapman, Tanita Tikaram, The Pogues, Teitur, The Smiths, Morrissey, Nina Simone, Michelle Shocked, The Killers, 10000 Maniacs, Warren Zevon, Suzanne Vega, Steve Forbert, Tom Waits, Cat Stevens (early albums), Fleetwood Mac, The Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Lisa Ekdahl, Sophie Zelmani, Do As Infinity, Anne Linnet, Lis Sørensen, Tchaikowsky's violin concerto (especially Nigel Kennedy's version), .... and MUCH more ...
Favourite Movies Hard Choice! Too many to mention individually. I mostly prefer movies with a good plot, good acting and/or something to think about. I'd rather have this and a handheld camera than lots of special effects and big budgets and very little real contents. I enjoyed many of the Dogme 95 films. I tend to enjoy European films more than American, with the exception of some of the great classics from the 1930s-50s. I worked on a list of favourite films some time ago, but I haven't kept it up. I'll make a note to myself to do just that.
Favourite Books 'Letter to My Younger Self' by 40 Danish women, 'From Strength to Strength' by Sara Henderson, 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson, 'Poems' by Karin Boye, 'The Book Seller in Kabul' by Åsne Seierstad. Old favourites include: 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley, 'Slaughterhouse 5' by Kurt Vonnegut, 'Fahrenheit 451' by Ray Bradbury. I also like most of the work by: Akira Yoshimura, Bo Green Jensen, Svend Åge Madsen, William Heinesen, John Steinbeck, George Orwell, Hans Christian Andersen (my favourite is 'The Nightingale', also his novels and travel descriptions) and philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.
People You admire Above all: my friends. Also environmentalist Rachel Carson, former president Vigdis Finbogadottir, mountaineer Junko Tabei, Aung San Suu Kyi, and the man who tried to stand in the way of the tanks at the Tiananmen Square in 1989.
Your definition of a friend Someone I trust and confide in and in whose company I can relax and be myself. Someone to both laugh and cry with.
Your definition of happiness Not wanting to be anywhere else than I am at a given time, or doing anything else.
Favourite Food Good company can make any meal taste like the most delicious I ever had.
Favourite Drink That brown substance originally made with extracts of cola nuts and coca leaves. But I am trying to cut down!
Favourite Smell The garden just after heavy rain.
Favourite Sound The creaking sound when you walk on a thin layer of snow below freezing point.
Favourite Colour I like all the colours of the rainbow.
Favourite Number 9. Nine muses in Greek Mythology, 9 is the sum of the digits in my birthday, and we lived at No. 9 when I was a child.
Favourite Animals Kneazles, hippogriffs and nifflers.
Favourite Proverb 'If you look for mangos under a banana plant you will return empty-handed.'
Have you ever wanted to hit someone? Yes. (But I didn't)
Have you ever spoken in front of a large audience? I do this on a regular basis.
Have you ever had anything published? Yes. (Non-fiction).
Have you ever been a juror? Yes.
Have you ever met a celebrity? Yes. But it is mostly 'ordinary people' who occasionally impress me.
Do you play any musical instruments? No, unfortunately.
Do you speak Chinese? I don't know. I have never tried.
How many languages do you speak? Two (fluently), four (so-so), understand six.
How many countries have you visited? About 35-40 in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.
Your worst nightmare Bad things happening to the people I love.
Your biggest secret I am not telling!
Your usual means of transpoprtation Feet, bike or public transportation.
The latest thing which really upset you May 2008: Burmese rulers not allowing relief workers into the country.
Have you got any causes? Doctors Without Borders, BØRNEfonden (Child Fund). And of course education!