Culture Clashes

I think I got the travel bug before I could walk. My family travelled extensively in Europe during all the holidays, and most of the time we stayed off the beaten path. The encounters with 'local people' made quite an impact on me, and I think the most important lesson I learned as a child is when other people do things in a different way than I was used to, it's not the wrong way but simply another way of doing things right.

I started taking pictures of things that fit into the culture clash category. Mostly while I travelled, but also in my everyday life in my own city. Sometimes I don't have to go very far in order to meet another 'culture'. It could be the other side of the street or another department at my job. I'm still trying to learn...

A couple of years ago I started blogging about the things I observed, misunderstood or wondered about. Enjoy!

PS: To those of you who have been e-mailing me to 'complain' about my long radio silence in the blog: I know, I know, I have either been lazy, or busy, or both. But I have lots of inspiration and around 20-25 topics on hold for a rainy day - or more likely a whole Danish average summer - and I'll get around to writing it down... eventually.

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