'I am a teacher. When I grow up, I'd like to be a student.'


One of my professors at the college of education once stated that learning could be fun for the students. Wrong. Learning should be fun for the students. Well, most of the time, anyway.

As a young child I didn't know the difference between work, play and study. I just had fun. I have gone to school almost my entire life, most of the time as a teacher, and I'm still having fun. But I do miss having the time becoming absorbed in something which interests me. Researching a subject thoroughly. Soaking up knowledge. Twice in my career I took a year off from teaching in order to get the chance to study. Not necessarily subjects related to my everyday work, but something which had my personal interest, and which was entirely funded by myself. Returned to work with new insight, new inspiration, motivation and focus. As well as a handful of new friends from the university. So, when I grow up and get ready to retire, I will have a field day choosing classes from the course catalog. So the quote above is not meant as a joke!



'The professor' aged 3, 1962.